Berkeley undergraduate students

Serious undergraduates are always welcome. We accept most undergraduates through the URAP or BSP programs. We are particularly interested in undergraduates who are willing to commit to at least two semesters of research. Credit can be earned by enrolling in IB 199. We occasionally have paid positions for students.

Independent research and Honors research: Undergraduates with research experience (either in our lab or elsewhere) can pursue independent lines of research under the supervision of more senior lab members. Exceptional undergraduate researchers might be promoted to lead a research team, which requires a commitment of 20 hours a week. We occasionally take on undergraduate students who propose their own research projects (see this link for funding opportunities).

Credit can be earned by enrolling in IB 191 or IB 196.

Letters of recommendation: All institutions, including medical and graduate schools, want applicants that are careful and hard workers, work well with others, and show leadership. Our lab provides the opportunity to demonstrate these characteristics and students who do so will earn a letter of recommendation.

To students in my lab and classes, to request a letter of recommendation, please provide:

  1. your transcript (unofficial is ok)
  2. your resume or cv
  3. an essay by you: why you want to do this
  4. whatever forms or links to forms that I need to complete
  5. a photo of you (jpg is fine) that I can keep in my files; it helps me with name-face connection over time

Please be aware that it takes time to write a recommendation letter. Please don’t wait until the last minute to provide these materials.