Links you might find useful

Sequence analysis

Link to the Berkeley Campus sequencing center.

Great info from U. Mich. Med. Center on how to Interpret sequence chromatograms.

Cranston et al. 2014 Best practices for phylogenetic data PLoS Currents Tree of Life.

Conference posters

Tips on designing posters, from Colin Purrington.

This is a great website that also had the “honor” of an unfortunate form of flattery, it was plagiarized.

Free poster templates (if you don’t mind yours looking like everyone’s)



Tips on lab notebooks

Colin Purrington’s tips on labnotebooks

Rice University’s lab notebook guidelines

Dr. Brett Couch, U. Minnesota lab notebook guide (warning, it’s a pdf)

Assumes that you’re using carbon paper. I prefer Purrington’s approach of photographing pages and uploading them to a cloud archive such as dropbox or box.

NIH offers a pdf of a slide show on lab notebooks

How to request recommendation letters

Great post on writing letters; also good to read before requesting one.

Navigating academics

Dynamic Ecology post on parental leave policies for postdocs at various institutions.

Tips on writing

Great blog post by @KateClancy on how to write a paper and respond to reviewers’ comments